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67.5" TALL

88" TALL

98.25" TALL

108.5" TALL

118.75" TALL

129" TALL

41" WIDE

82" WIDE

123" WIDE

164" WIDE

205" WIDE

246" WIDE


Two sizes of panels, Large (41" x 30.75") and Small (41" x 20.5")

The panels stack on top of the other using a slip fit connection requiring no tools to stack or unstack.  The finished steel frame should face the audience allowing for no shadows to appear when lit from the back.

Each tower of panels requires one set of standard legs.  The panels slide into the leg fitting to create a stand.  The legs are designed to swivel on the bottom of the panels allowing for the opportunity to set you panels up in a right angle configuration and or to make a concave or serpentine shaped wall.

The panels can be lit from the bottom using LED strip lights, which we can also provide.  One light per panel is sufficient up to about 8' of standing height.  From that point and higher we suggest using two lights, one fixture lighting the lower area and one lighting the upper area.  Two lights would allow for a gradient look to be achieved.  An example might be a dark blue on the bottom then a light blue on the top.  The colors would blend in the middle.

Panel covers, one of our accessories, attach to the face of each backdrop panel using magnets applied to each piece.  The magnet strips allow for fast changes without having to tear down the wall.  There are many design options that fit any setting but we are also more than willing to make something special for you.

If you are in a setting that requires you to set up and tear down, we can provide travel cases for both the lights and the panels themselves to keep them protected in transport.

For any more questions please contact us and we'll be glad to help.

Here are some quick example videos.

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