Custom Panel Covers

JNE Productions is proud to offer custom ordering for our backdrop panel covers. With a few simple guidelines we can turn your vision into reality, by creating a set to fit your specific needs. 

What will I need to order?

1. A graphic of what you would like on your backdrop covers. 

2. An .eps file of that graphic to be converted into our software.

3. An estimated date of when you would like the backdrop panels complete.

4. The number of frames you will be using to display your piece. (How large do you want the display). 
Crown .jpeg
Important Details

1. There are multiple factors that will be considered in the estimated cost of your set. You will receive a quote with all estimations laid out.

2. JNE Productions does not currently offer customized graphic design.  You will need to have the file in an .eps format prior to ordering. 

3. The design fee for your set will start at $75.00 per hour of work time. This design fee encompasses the hours and process needed to convert your graphic file over to the software needed for our machines. In most cases an estimate of hours can be provided after we see the graphic you desire to have printed. 

Questions about ordering custom?